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Estro Armonico - Libro secondo

Concerto for two violins and cello in D minor RV 565
Concerto for four violins and cello in F major RV 567
Concerto for violin and strings in D minor RV 230
Concerto for cello in G major RV 414
Concerto for four violins and cello in B minor RV 580
Concerto for violin in E major RV 265
Concerto for violin en cello in F major RV 544
Concerto for two violins in A minor RV 522

Having attracted attention in particular for the energy and boldness in its approach to the works of J. S. Bach (Bach’s complete works for instrumental ensemble on Alpha), Café Zimmermann is now exploring the repertoire of the Red Priest, beginning with Estro Armonico, one of the most emblematic masterpieces of the Baroque repertoire. The great clarity of the ensemble’s interpretations as much as the quality of its instruments (including a quartet by the Italian instrument maker Guadagnini), and Pablo Valetti’s fiery virtuosity are present to make us rediscover this masterful work.


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