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Dom Quichotte...

Michel Corrette - Concerto comique V La femme est un grand embarras
Pierre de La Garde - Cantate La Sonate
Marin Marais - La Sonnerie de Ste Geneviève du Mont de Paris
Nicolas Racot de Grandval - Cantate La MAtronne d'Éphèse
Michel Corrette - Concerto comique XXIV La Marche du Huron
Philippe Courbois - Cantate Dom Quichotte

With Dominique Visse, countertenor

Besides opera, which attracts both the public's favours and financial resources, the eighteenth century saw the development of more limited vocal forms, intended for concerts or the more intimate setting of the salons. The cantata, whether on biblical or profane subjects, will also benefit from a kind of Golden Age in France, a country aspiring to free itself from the constraints of the reign of Louis XIV.

Here, Don Quichotte and Sancho Panca encounter a disconsolate (but not inconsolable...) widow and a conceited composer, presenting the execution of « his » sonata, of which he is unduly satisfied. All the protagonists of this highly coloured play are interpreted by the single Dominique Visse, who gives proof once again of his vocal mastery and his exceptional scenic presence. May the party begin...


To listen… Dom Quichotte...