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In schools

Baroque itineraries

Baroque itineraries are workshops intended for school audiences. Organised in partnership with the Grand Théâtre de Provence, their aim is to increase young audiences’ understanding of
baroque aesthetics and music.

Parcours Baroques

Each itinerary is generally divided in 3 classroom sessions. These interventions are made up of listening exercises interpreted by the musician, by Q&A games addressing a large panel of topics:

- the instrument: its production (the different steps, materials used, etc…)
- the “movement” of sound: physical experience of sound vibrations
- the different types of ranges, rhythms, moods
- the musician’s work: his routine, his background, his profession – historical perspectives
- the role of music in the baroque times and today
- music scores
- music stands of an ensemble, orchestral training

Students are then received at the Grand Théâtre de Provence (Aix-en-Provence) for a guided tour. It is also the opportunity for them to attend a rehearsal by the musicians of Café Zimmermann who strive to explain the development of a working session, the orchestra’s arrangement, the role of the concert master and section leaders, who plays the melodic part or basso continuo, etc.

Thanks to the teachers for their warm welcome.

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