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In hospitals and health centers

For patients, their families, and the staff

Musicians perform in retirement homes, health centres, hospitals, and create musical activities with patients, nursing and administration staff so as to give these audiences a way to escape from a tough routine

Collaborating with the Grand Théâtre de Provence, our musicians went to the Centre Hospitalier and the Montperrin hospital in Aix, to the Bosque d’Antonelle retirement home in Celony, to the Saint Jean de Dieu retirement home in Marseille, and to the palliative care centre La Maison in Gardanne.

Action culturelle dans les hôpitaux

Partnership with the Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal Aix-Pertuis

Café Zimmermann and the Centre Hospitalier have been developing concerted actions since 2014: work residences in the auditorium, concerts in various hospital departments, public rehearsals, informative interventions. These activities are also offered to decentralised units of the Centre Hospitalier: the hospital in Pertuis and the Roger Duquesne long-stay hospital (located in Jas-de-Bouffan, in Aix-en-Provence). A partnership agreement was signed in 2015.

Work residences

The Centre Hospitalier du Pays d’Aix often makes its auditorium available to us. Café Zimmermann’s musicians rehearse unreleased programmes, in particular those performed during local heritage days. These occasions are important; they are open to the public: to patients, the nursing and the administrative staff of the hospital.

Itinerante concerts in departments

Musicians come to various departments, as closely as possible to patients, and offer small group concerts (violin/cello duos, string quartets): in the communal living spaces, in corridors (close to rooms for patients with reduced mobility), and in the rooms themselves. These encounters are very well received thanks to the energy of the heads of departments who get hospital workers and patients together and create the perfect conditions for these musical events.


Partnership with the Fondation Lenval in Nice

Since 2015, the Lenval foundation, Les Moments Musicaux des Alpes-Maritimes association and Café Zimmermann have formed a partnership, not only for the organisation of benefit concerts but also to develop early learning activities around baroque music for hospitalised children.

Several departments of the foundation, as well as the hematology-oncology and day care units, have welcomed musicians of the ensemble. They present instruments from the baroque period, perform music pieces representative of the baroque repertoire, and explain the specific features of the musician’s profession.

These interventions are a musical remedy for the young patients of the hospital, their parents and the nursing staff.

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