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Grand Théâtre de Provence

Moments Musicaux des Alpes-Maritimes

Café Zimmermann’s residence project at the Sainte Réparate Cathedral in Nice was born of a common wish: to make music resonate in this beautiful baroque setting.

The association Moments Musicaux des Alpes-Maritimes was founded to share exceptional music events with a large public, lead educational actions and support charity projects and programs. In 2015, four important concerts were performed with the brilliant participation of Emöke Barath, Kristina Hammarström, Maarten Engeltjes and Les Elements chamber choir. These events were extremely successful, with all concerts fully booked.

To insure artistic quality, the programming was entrusted to Céline Frisch and Pablo Valetti. In 2016, Café Zimmermann presents 3 unheard-of programmes at the Cathedral. Céline Frisch and Pablo Valetti have also invited other ensembles famous for their authentic approach and rendition of baroque music.